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Challenge Accepted!

by Ron Hayes Okay, I’m doing it. Color it a cop-out entry from for this month, but I’m taking Jennie up on her challenge. While my Catholic upbringing will continue to nag at me that this won’t be a “real” post (since I’m not generating any new, original thoughts of my own), I’m going to […]


Hats Off: Ten Things To Consider When Writing Your Acknowledgements

by Jennie Jarvis As Brad stated in his great post last week, this month we here at 5 Writers are getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving and talking about paying tribute in our work. For me, this topic feels very timely since it was only a few short months ago when I turned into my editor the Acknowledgements for […]


Paying Tribute to the Ones Who Have Inspired and Supported You – Adding Little Flourishes to Your Stories by Brad Windhauser

Paying Tribute to the Ones Who have Inspired and Supported You – Adding Little Flourishes to Your Stories by Brad Windhauser With Thanksgiving approaching, we have decided to discuss a different way to give thanks—how do we pay tribute to the influences in our writing lives, be they our friends and family and/or the writers […]

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Special Edition – Horror Writing: Playing an Insidious Game by Sidney Williams.

This month, is delighted to welcome guest blogger Sidney Williams. Sidney Williams is the author of numerous traditionally horror and thriller novels and short stories. His work has been released in e-book editions from Crossroad Press. Horror Writing: Playing An Insidious Game by Sidney Williams Writing horror is an insidious game, though it’s not […]

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Death in Writing – It’s Not a Story Unless Someone Dies by Brad Windhauser

Death in Writing – It’s Not a Story Unless Someone Dies by Brad Windhauser I don’t have a morbid fascination with death. I didn’t grow up surrounded by death. Although I did have the extreme misfortune of losing two friends in high school—two separate car accidents—I don’t have a pessimistic view of life. However, somewhere […]

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Die Laughing

by Linda Escalera Price When my Grandfather was 89, he sat down on the back deck of his Napa Valley home, watched the setting sun cast shadows across the vineyards, sipped a glass of 18 year-old Glenlivet and breathed his last breath. You could almost see the credits roll at the end of a long, […]

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Crafting The Character Arc: Publication Announcement (News) is delighted to formally announce the publication of Crafting The Character Arc: A Practical Guide to Character Creation and Development. This craft book, written by contributor and co-owner Jennie Jarvis, is intended as a practical guide for writers of any format to use as they craft the journey of their protagonist through a […]

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5Writers Group Story Writing Experience: What We Learned Working from a Writing Prompt

5Writers Group Story Writing Experience: What We Learned Working from a Writing Prompt Brad: I have often waited for inspiration to strike, relying on this phenomena to generate story ideas. Once in a while, however, I have to remind myself that you can goose the system if you prod it properly. For me, this means […]

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5 Writers Group Story – Part Four by Jennie Jarvis

Need to catch up on the 5writers Group Story, here are Part One, Part Two and Part Three. For this section, please forgive any formatting errors since WordPress is not set up to easily accommodate screenplay formatting. 5 Writers Group Story – Part Four by Jennie Jarvis EXT. SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD – DAY Charred ashes and […]

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5 writers Group Story – Part Three by Darlene Cah

5 writers Group Story – Part Three by Darlene Cah. Need to catch up? Read Part One and Part Two  Experts say serial arsonists hang around to watch their masterpieces of smoke and fire, the flames lapping at wood, bubbling, blistering vinyl, reducing paper to black flakes in seconds. They get a thrill, a rush. Gavin […]

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