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Crafting The Character Arc: Publication Announcement (News) is delighted to formally announce the publication of Crafting The Character Arc: A Practical Guide to Character Creation and Development. This craft book, written by contributor and co-owner Jennie Jarvis, is intended as a practical guide for writers of any format to use as they craft the journey of their protagonist through a […]

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Subtlety in Fiction – Trust Your Audience by Brad Windhauser

Subtlety in Fiction – Trust Your Audience (Anne Tyler’s Breathing Lessons) by Brad Windhauser Understandably, writers want (and need) to develop their world for their readers.  To do this, the writer needs to create characters, a sense of setting, tone, etc. When it comes to the characters, you need to provide relevant details that paint […]

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Developing Characters Takes Good Jeans

Remember those Calvin Klein jeans we wore in the early 80s?  (A pox on your house to anyone who wants to remind me they weren’t alive in the early 80s.) The jeans were tight enough to be interesting but loose enough to put on – even if we had to lie down on the bed […]

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What a Character!

Hey, writer-person! Yoohoo! Yeah, that’s right. It’s me. Your character! Okay, I know I annoyed you at dinner last night and everyone was whining about how distracted you were. True, “She twirls her hair incessantly,” is not an appropriate response to “Pass the okra, please.” And that dream was meant to be informative. It’s not […]

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Characterization vs. Character Development, by Belinda Nicoll

I’m so happy to welcome our second guest blogger to! Belinda Nicoll is originally from South Africa. She expatriated to the United States in 2001 and became a citizen in 2010. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, was a talent agent and drama coach before venturing into the advertising […]

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My Kind of Character

My Kind of Character Deciding with whom to populate your stories- who you write about- is one of the most crucial decisions you make.  So where do you start? In general, I gravitate towards people who seem really interesting (people I want to hang out with) or people I loathe (people I want to study).  […]

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“What’s My Motivation?”

By Jennie Jarvis “What’s My Motivations?” It’s a silly and now clichéd question that actors have been pestering their directions with for years. Even people who aren’t familiar with the craft of acting or the process of making a movie have heard this saying in one way, shape or form. I’ve heard kids, barely out […]

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