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Writing is Pre-Writing

By Jennie Jarvis Growing up, I always heard the well-known expression “Writing is Rewriting.” But once I started my formal training as a screenwriter, I heard something much different – “Writing is Prewriting.” What is Prewriting, you may ask? Prewriting is all the prep work you do before you sit down to actually write out […]

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Confessional and Contemporary: Poems, Life, and Elizabeth Bishop

By Dominique Traverse Locke 5Writers is pleased to welcome back Dominique Traverse Locke, author of The Goodbye Child and No More Hard Times for her second guest blog appearance.  “Read this,” I say to my husband, who, in all his infinite wisdom, knows translates to, “I wrote a poem. Fix whatever’s wrong with it.” And he does. When asked […]

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Special Edition: The Poem’s the Thing (Poetry as Theater)

by Jennie Jarvis   When I was in middle school and high school (you know, that time when I thought my perspective on the world was all that mattered in the Universe), I spent a lot of time writing. I had Feelings (capital F), and I wanted to get them out. Since I went to a […]

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What makes it to the page and how it gets there

Last month I performed a stunning, acrobatic, unscheduled dismount from my horse. If anyone had been there to witness this feat, I’m sure they would have been amazed at the grace this middle-aged woman of somewhat substantial weight displayed, as I was flung into the air at a surprising velocity—probably wailing a litany of less […]



The 1″ Picture Frame

The 1” Picture frame How I write has evolved quite a bit, especially as I read more books and stories, and have completed an MFA program.  It’s a tough question to ask, really, sort of like asking musicians how they write a song.  Some artists speak to process (develop a routine) while others stress resolve […]

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Breaking The Chain

By Jennie Jarvis Years ago, comedian and writer Jerry Seinfeld delivered some of the best advice on writing I’ve ever heard – Don’t break the chain. This essentially means that it’s a good idea for a writer to take a wall calendar (perhaps one of the hundred that I receive each month from charity organizations […]

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When The Strangers Come Visiting . . .

I know people who write with index cards.  People who outline.  People who do mounds and mounds and mounds of research to understand every nuance of setting, costuming, language etc. before they write a single word. Me?  I just start talking to my characters.  And I keep talking until they answer.  (If they don’t, they’re […]


The Recipe (or How I Write)

* “Never write with pencil, mi’ja/It is for those who would erase.” (Carmen Tafolla, marked)   Sonnets and Salsa ISBN: 0916727106 “Alphabet Soup” image courtesy of : Recipe Template:

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