Summer Reads

by Darlene Cah The phrase “summer reads” conjures images of lazy days on the beach and breezy novels that make your heart race—Stephen King or Nora Roberts. I’ve indulged in, and enjoyed, both, not to mention my fair share of Danielle Steele and John Grisham. Yes, at one point in my life, Danielle Steel and […]

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Publishing News for Brad Windhauser

Brad Windhauser is happy to announce that his current short story “Fight or Flight” was just published in Jonathan, issue 8 (available in print and online). In addition he is presenting a paper,  “Judging Your Content: The Benefits of Subjectivity” at the North American Review Bicentennial Creating Writing & Literature Conference June 13th in Cedar […]

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In Case You Have Missed Them: Authors to Be Reading Now by Brad Windhauser

In Case You Have Missed Them: Authors to Be Reading Now by Brad Windhauser Last month, we discussed writers who have influenced us. Understanding your influences helps you best appreciate how he or she is able to craft their work. Doing so allows you to learn from these stories, poems, plays, and screenplays. Past work, […]

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Re-reading Your Influences: Beyond the Tip of Hemingway’s Iceberg by Brad Windhauser

Re-reading Your Influences: Beyond the Tip of Hemingway’s Iceberg by Brad Windhauser My senior year of undergrad, I took an upper-division grammar class, a course designed not to teach us grammar but rather to explore all the potential of the English language. Doing so would compel us to pay closer attention to our sentence structure […]

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Neil Simon Taught Me How To Write A Play

by Linda Escalera Price  As a child my favorite author was Madeleine L’Engle, Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Ian Fleming, C.S. Lewis, L. Frank Baum, Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, Alfred Hitchcock and whoever wrote the book I was currently reading. I was very non-discriminatory – basically if it had words that told a […]

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The Lunatics Who Built The Asylum

By Jennie Jarvis This month, we are looking back at the writers who inspired us, and I have to admit… I’m starting to think I might be just a little bit crazy. I always knew this to a degree, of course, but looking at all the works that inspired me, I’ve become quite, quite convinced […]

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Thank You, Charlie!

By Darlene Cah When I applied to the School of Visual Arts back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I remember filling out a lengthy form with dozens of questions about my life as an artist, my commitment to art, and so on. These were difficult answers to put into words simply because I’d never given […]

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Story by Darlene Cah to Appear in July Issue of Red Earth Review

I’m pleased to announce my story, “My Fat Husband” will be published in the July 2015 issue of Red Earth Review, in print and online in a pdf download. Red Earth Review is the annual literary journal of the Oklahoma City University MFA Program. I’m honored to be included.


Challenge Accepted! (Update)

by Ron Hayes Well. Welcome Spring! While I can’t know what it’s been like for you where you live, I can tell you that in my neck of the woods, we are only just now beginning to emerge from the frigid darkness of winter. Amazing what a simple quarter of the year can bring. If […]

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National Poetry Month and Alan Michael Parker

We conclude our celebration of National Poetry Month with a very special poet, Alan Michael Parker of Davidson, North Carolina. Professor Parker inspired me to pursue the noble art of poetry and, without his guidance and encouragement, I’m sure I would never have become the poet I am today–indeed, I may not have become a […]

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