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Publication News for Brad Windhauser (News)

Brad’s new story, “Hope,” is now online at the Santa Fe Writers Project Journal. Inspired by his experience as a college professor, this story explores the damage well-intentioned parents inflict on their kids’ education when they helicopter (and beyond). Check it out: Also, his Bible Project Blog continues.  Recent posts discuss: The Book of […]

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Publishing News for Brad Windhauser (News)

Brad’s recent review of Solomon Jones’ The Dead Man’s Wife was just published at the Philadelphia Review of Books.  In his review, Brad discusses (among other things) the author’s use of setting (Philadelphia), characterization, style, and the reader’s expectations of genre fiction: In other news, Brad’s recent story “The Diagnosis” was accepted at Ray’s […]

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Brad Windhauser Announces Launch of New Writing Project (and other activity)

A busy few weeks for Brad: New Blog Project: A gay author reading the Bible for the first time?  Yep.  Brad Windhauser chronicles his journey reading through the Bible for the first time (beginning with the New Testament) on his new site: Author Profile: He is profiled on Jonnie Martin’s Blog site, talking about […]

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