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Short Story by Darlene Cah Published by Three Rooms Press

I’m pleased to have my story, “Shiraz,” included in Have a NYC, a new anthology published by Three Rooms Press. The book is available on the publisher’s website:


Jennie Giving Workshop at Ascendio 2012

Five Writer’s contributor Jennie Jarvis will be conducting a workshop at Ascendio 2012. Structuring the Character Arc Workshop Film writers think that, just because they have their basic three-act plot structure in place, their screenplays are destined to succeed. The problem with many scripts, however, can often come in those places between the plot points. […]


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The World of Words Inside My Head

By Jennie Jarvis Anytime I read an interview with a famous screenwriter or watch a director talking on some behind-the-scenes sneak peek of an upcoming film that I can’t wait to see, I always hear the interviewees saying the same thing: “I remember the first time that I went to a movie. It was magical, […]

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I tried Hard Not to be a Writer

I would love to tell you that from the moment I learned the alphabet, I lived to write, that I craved it like I crave a Costco-size package of Dove chocolates. The truth is I tried very hard not to be a writer. Oh, I love words. I love stringing them together to make quirky […]



Why Do I Write?

If you asked me this question on a sidewalk, or in a bar, or over coffee, I’d give a quick answer. I’d say something about loving the written word and wanting to make it my work. I’d say: “I’m new to writing,” and quickly attempt to change the subject. It wouldn’t be a lie. Professionally and […]


Why I Write

The simple answer is I don’t know how not to. That’s not entirely true – there have been chunks of my adult life when I didn’t write.  But it is in those times that I have not felt completely whole either. I realized I wanted to be a writer in fourth grade.  It was my […]


I was a poet once.

I was a poet.  Or perhaps I should say “poet.” I had loved jotting down stories when I was a kid.  Inspired by the Encyclopedia Brown, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Detectives series, I let my imagination run wild on my little notepad with tales of adventures that were probably […]


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