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The Horror Story: A Halloween Special Edition Discussion

By Emilia Grant and Jennie Jarvis The origins of the horror story are hard to pinpoint, because these stories are elemental. Horror is born of basic human instinct, like a romance story, only, instead of love, they stem from fear. Every time you get a chill imagining the mysterious shape in that shadowy corner is […]


Enough! I’m Done! It’s Over!

It’s hard for me to read my published stories. Even when they’re committed to print, I revise and edit as I read. It drives me nuts. Eventually, I get over it. So when is a creative work ready to leave the safety of your documents folder? As many of my Five Writers colleagues have pointed […]

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Looking at the Medium Picture: Lincoln (Review)

By Jennie Jarvis Tonight, I had the rare opportunity to attend a sneak preview of the new Steven Spielberg film Lincoln, currently scheduled for a November 16th release. The film follows the infamous Abraham Lincoln in his last few months of life as he attempts to get the House to approve the 13th Amendment, which […]

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Just Let Go: How to Avoid Transforming Your Great, Brilliant, Wonderful Story into a Dark Interminable Life-sucking Void

After a brief hiatus from this excellent writing collaboration, I am happy to return to the Five Writers blog! Full disclosure, this post was supposed to be up yesterday, October the 12th. I didn’t post because, well, it wasn’t done. I have a real problem with finishing my writing. Read on.  I find it interesting […]

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How Do I Know When a Piece is Ready for Submission? by Eric Sheridan Wyatt

I’m delighted our third guest blogger to! Eric Sheridan Wyatt is a writer and educator living in Bradenton, Florida. His work has appeared in print and online at Ozone Park Journal, Eunoia Review, and The First Line, among others. He received his BA in Education from Ball State University and is a graduate of […]

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The Finish Line

The Finish Line I was an out-of-shape ninth grader when I joined the track team.  Somehow I got the idea I would enjoy running even though I NEVER had (especially in junior high, where my mile times were in the high 9’s). I lacked any power off the line, so I figured I would run […]

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