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Special Edition: Tourette’s and Lesbian Sex (Or How Jennie Got Her Agent)

By Jennie Jarvis Ever since I announced that I had signed with my agent on Facebook, Twitter and here on, I have been asked again and again the same question – how did I get my agent? This month, since this blog is focused on getting our work out there, all five of us […]

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Five Writers Contributor Emilia Wins an Emmy! (News)

Congratulations to 5writer Emilia Fuentes Grant and her husband Tim Alden Grant for WINNING a Regional Emmy award for their educational yet entertaining video “Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage”.  The Nashville/Midsouth Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences held their awards last night, and we’re beyond ecstatic that their great musical video took […]


Submitting to Digital Presses by Saritza Hernandez

I’m delighted to introduce’s first agent guest blogger. E-Pub Agent extraordinaire and avid coffee-drinker, Saritza Hernandez is as short and simple as this paragraph. Give her a good paranormal or fantasy romance, a giant mug of strong Cuban coffee and a corner to put her feet up to read, and she’s one happy camper! As […]

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This Little Writer went to Market

I’m always on the lookout for new markets for my short stories. Problem is sometimes I get so engrossed in researching literary journals, I don’t write! The good thing about short fiction and flash fiction is that no matter what your genre, from literary fiction to science fiction and every combination in between, there are […]

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Make Them Say “Yes!” Unless They Won’t

By Jennie Jarvis Over my years as a writer – whether it be as a film/television/web writer or as a novelist – there are two pieces of advice regarding submitting my work that have really stuck with me because of how effective they have been in guiding my submission process: No one wants to be […]

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The Use of Structure in O’Connor’s “Everything that Rises Must Converge”

The Use of Structure in O’Connor’s “Everything that Rises Must Converge” by Brad Windhauser In “Everything That Rises Must Converge,” a story of a young man who attempts to teach his mother a lesson about her racial beliefs, author Flannery O’Connor uses structure effectively in order to gradually build and then capitalize on tension between […]

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Submitting Work Is Like Dating

When I first started dating, I was just happy to have a boyfriend.  My standards were low (even if the guys were truly nice, cute, etc.).  I looked for a nice smile and answers to questions about what he liked to drink (preferably something alcoholic).  These early relationships didn’t last.  The issue wasn’t that the […]

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When It Comes To Submitting, Fugetaboutit.

For some writers, submitting is an obsession.  Not the act of submitting – which might be a good thing to be obsessed about.  I’m talking about the aftermath of submitting.  The waiting game.  I know writers who check email and snail mail constantly like a teenage girl awaiting a call following a first date.  If […]

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