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Rejecting Rejection

I am the daughter of a Marine aviator.  I have two older brothers who were mean to me in the way older brothers are to younger sisters who want to tag along and do everything they do.   I began my career as a competitive athlete at age five. I have a tough skin. I spent […]

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Crafty Use of Point of View in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited.”

Crafty Use of Point of View in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited.” by Brad Windhauser Told in five sections, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited” makes use of its structure and point of view in order to align us with the protagonist, Charlie.  Although Charlie has made a lot of “mistakes” in his life, the author […]

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You Stink!

What the editors wrote: Dear Susie WriterPerson: Thank you for submitting your short story, “Whatever” to Big Fancy Literary Review. We appreciate the opportunity to read it. Unfortunately, the piece is not for us. Good luck placing it elsewhere. Best Regards, The Editors What the writer reads: Dear Sucky WriterPerson: Thanks for submitting your crappy […]

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Our Support System (In Honor of Valentine’s Day)

In Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell identifies many factors that contribute to an individual’s success.  One of them—a standout—is that no one succeeds alone; meaning, everyone has someone who helps him or her out along the way. For writers this is perhaps crucial.  We need all kinds of help, from the peers who offer feedback to […]



When The Internet Attacks

By Jennie Jarvis From my first days of wanting to pursue a career in the arts, I knew that criticism and rejection were just a part of the game. So, I never had that moment where receiving some kind of criticism on my work made me want to give up doing what I do. It’s […]

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Jennie Giving Workshop At MegaCon 2013 (News)

Five Writer’s contributor Jennie Jarvis will be conducting a workshop at Megacon 2013. Structuring the Character Arc Workshop (Friday, March 15th at 1:15pm) Film writers think that, just because they have their basic three-act plot structure in place, their screenplays are destined to succeed. The problem with many scripts, however, can often come in those […]

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Brad Windhauser Announces Launch of New Writing Project (and other activity)

A busy few weeks for Brad: New Blog Project: A gay author reading the Bible for the first time?  Yep.  Brad Windhauser chronicles his journey reading through the Bible for the first time (beginning with the New Testament) on his new site: Author Profile: He is profiled on Jonnie Martin’s Blog site, talking about […]

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Handling Rejection of Your Work

Jonnie Martin is a novelist and blogger who returned to her home state of Texas in 2012, settling into the Austin area, where she is exploring the notion of “place” and the western culture.  She is seeking representation for her first novel, Wrangle, set on a quarter horse ranch in Hempstead, Texas.  Jonnie regularly blogs […]

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