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The Hub City Writing in Place Experience

by Darlene Cah When I moved south eight years ago, my friend and fellow writer, Nancy Pemberton told me I had to go to the Hub City Writers’ Workshop for a weekend of writing, classes, readings and eating. Yes, I admit the eating part held equal appeal to the writing part! So I signed up, […]

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Writers Need to Read

By Brad Windhauser I watched Project Runway for a couple seasons early on, in part because I like to see what pressure does to creativity.I also enjoyed the cat-fighting as well as eavesdropping on approaches to craft. At the end of season 5, Tim Gunn visited the particularly annoying girl in NY to check the […]

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Getting Emotional by Matt Peters

5writers is delighted to welcome today’s guest blogger, Matt Peters. Matt Peters has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans and a BA in English from the University of Central Florida. He is the publisher and managing editor of Beating Windward Press, a small press for emerging authors. His non-fiction […]

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“It Has To Hurt If It’s To Heal”

By Jennie Jarvis Do you remember The NeverEnding Story? While being chased by bullies, young Bastian (Barrett Oliver) hides in a small bookshop where he discovers a book unlike any of the “safe” ones that he has read before. When the bookshop owner isn’t looking, Bastian steals the book and sneaks into the attic of […]

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ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Wake me When Something Happens

By Darlene Cah I had written humorous essays, sketch comedy and advertising copy, but always danced around fiction, too scared to really commit. Though, I’d tried to write short stories now and again, I knew they weren’t good, but had no idea why. Looking back, now with a tad more experience, I’d say they were […]

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Jennie Jarvis in Writer’s Digest Magazine (News)

5 Writers co-owner and contributor Jennie Jarvis is one of several writers appearing in an article in the current issue of Writer’s Digest Magazine. The article, titled “Game-Changing Moves,” quotes writers from around the country, detailing changes that they made to help jump start their writing career. While the cover of the magazine states that […]


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A Cure for What Ails You

Perhaps one of the things for which I’m most grateful in having completed my MFA is the time it forced me to spend looking inward. For as much time as I was asked to consider the writing of others, I was also charged (however directly or indirectly) with the onerous task of contemplating the words […]

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Don’t Watch The Play

Not long after I started writing my first play, I called a local playwright and asked if I buy him lunch and pick his brain.  (Food is always a good way to reach theatre people.)  It was very productive lunch – my hand had barely stopped moving, I was trying to take notes so quickly.  […]

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Special Edition: Give Tweeting A Chance

By Jennie Jarvis “I refuse to tweet.” That was my motto for years. I thought that the idea of Twitter was ridiculous. It’s like Facebook, only it’s just status updates? What’s the point? It’s a bunch of teenagers and celebrities complaining about the drama that they caused in their own lives or about what they […]

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