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Getting Out Of Bed

by Linda Escalera Price   You haven’t seen me for a while.  In fact, my blogmates haven’t seen me for a while. There’s a good reason.  Which turned into a lousy reason.  And the lousy reason lead to a downright pathetic reason. If you recall – or if you go dig in the archives – […]



Subtlety in Fiction – Trust Your Audience by Brad Windhauser

Subtlety in Fiction – Trust Your Audience (Anne Tyler’s Breathing Lessons) by Brad Windhauser Understandably, writers want (and need) to develop their world for their readers.  To do this, the writer needs to create characters, a sense of setting, tone, etc. When it comes to the characters, you need to provide relevant details that paint […]

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Half a Year, Whole New Experience: My Time at 5Writers So Far

by Ron Hayes As I write this, I’m sitting on a cheese bus with two dozen teenage girls, a fellow assistant coach, a chatty middle-aged bus driver, and a handful of teenage boys who, as football players of mine, want to “help out” with things like videotaping, filling water bottles, and being close to their […]

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Climbing the Mountain

By Jennie Jarvis When I first started entertaining the idea of becoming a published novelist, I saw the path ahead of me as realistically as I could imagine. The first thing in front of me was a large mountain – writing the novel. I knew that there would be other challenges ahead but surmounting that […]

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The Year That Was: 2013 Was a Productive, Hectic Year. — Brad Windhauser

The Year That Was: 2013 Was a Productive, Hectic Year. by Brad Windhauser When I was in high school, I ran cross country.  I wasn’t very good, in part because I lacked the slender frame that tends to lend itself to distance running success.  I also didn’t apply myself all that well—or at least I […]

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What’s your Excuse?

by Darlene Cah Being a creative type, I’m never at a loss for excuses. I can sit at my computer, ready to write, and suddenly, I’ll remember the cats need their nails trimmed. That’s the kind of year I had, though, some of my excuses were legitimate and considerably less entertaining than weeding my driveway. […]

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