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Whiplash: How Bad Do You Want It? (a Review) by Brad Windhauser

Whiplash: How Bad Do You Want It? (a Review) by Brad Windhauser What elevates a person from being a really good writer, painter, or musician into being an Artist? The answer to this question thumps at the heart of the new film Whiplash. Exploring this quest through the lens of a budding jazz drummer, the […]

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A Call to Arms: Make THIS Our New American Prayer

by Ron Hayes Seven days ago, on November 19th, a quiet anniversary came and went, overlooked by most of us ignorant of the significance of the date, focused as we are on turkeys and garlands, the snows of Buffalo, travel plans, and the ever-increasing over-commercialization of the holidays. If you’re like me, you didn’t know that […]

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What’s In A Name? Thanks!

by Linda Escalera Price On January 28, 1986, I stood in stunned silence in my office parking lot in Jacksonville, FL as the plume of Space Shuttle Challenger exploded into two hideous plumes. Fourteen years later I named a character, the wife of a Marine aviator who stands strong under adversity, June – as a way of […]

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For Sally Keith…

by Ron Hayes …Whom I Failed To Thank Properly and In A Timely Fashion. Thank you again for… well, you know. We writers wield an awesome power: we grapple with immortality. Through our work and our words we take a stab at having tiny little bits of ourselves outlast our mortal shells and live on […]

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Hats Off: Ten Things To Consider When Writing Your Acknowledgements

by Jennie Jarvis As Brad stated in his great post last week, this month we here at 5 Writers are getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving and talking about paying tribute in our work. For me, this topic feels very timely since it was only a few short months ago when I turned into my editor the Acknowledgements for […]


Paying Tribute to the Ones Who Have Inspired and Supported You – Adding Little Flourishes to Your Stories by Brad Windhauser

Paying Tribute to the Ones Who have Inspired and Supported You – Adding Little Flourishes to Your Stories by Brad Windhauser With Thanksgiving approaching, we have decided to discuss a different way to give thanks—how do we pay tribute to the influences in our writing lives, be they our friends and family and/or the writers […]

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