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The Poor Children by April L. Ford – A 5Writers Review

by Ron Hayes Once when I was about 20 years old, in-between College Enrollment #1 and Huge Life Mistake #2, I was crashing at my mom’s for a while as our family tried to spiral back into normalcy after my father’s untimely death. Long an avid reader, my mom always had a handful of paperbacks lying around, waiting […]


At What Price, Truth?

by Linda Escalera Price When I was 16, I read a book that shone light on the unspoken truth of what it was like to live in the home of a Marine fighter pilot. Words we had dared not utter outside of our homes – even to our best friends – pages and pages of […]

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True Dat!

By Darlene Cah Ever read—or write—a story that seems to be trying too hard? To go for a laugh, or to create high drama? To push a theme or a perspective on a particular topic? I know I’ve written more than a few stories that were painfully superficial. What they lacked was truth. Many of […]

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Don’t You Lie To Me! By Michael Tabb, WGA is pleased to welcome guest blogger Michael Tabb, WGA. WGA writer Michael Tabb has written for Universal Studios, Disney Feature Animation, comic book icon Stan Lee, and industry players including: Lawrence Bender, Sean Daniel, Paul Schiff, Mark Canton, Mike Newell, Thor Freudenthal and Dustin Hoffman while speaking at schools and panels across the nation. […]

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The Secret to Writing Fantasy: Reality

by Jennie Jarvis In both my screenwriting and my novel writing, a lot of my work has been in the fantasy genre. I’ve created worlds where leprechauns play tricksters, where yokai run shops, and where a person can die by turning into a robot. Each of these stories have won awards and gained interest from […]

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What Truth Is

by Ron Hayes for Philip Levine, 1928-2015 It’s a common affliction among us poets that early in our formative years we put pressure on ourselves to swing for the fences. We obligate ourselves to compose the poetic equivalent of a walk-off grand slam that will proclaim our own greatness and announce to the world the […]

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A Month of Truth: What Role Does Truth Play in Writing? By Brad Windhauser

A Month of Truth: What Role Does Truth Play in Writing? By Brad Windhauser The truth is relative. This is either a quote I picked up somewhere or it represents the spirit of something I read. For the longest time, I didn’t quite grasp how or why this was true: facts are facts, right? This […]

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