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Special Edition: Forgive and Get On With It: Getting Back Into Writing After A Long Break

By Jennie Jarvis Let’s face it: Sometimes, life throws us some curve balls that can affect our writing. It might be something as innocent as things getting busy at work, but it could also be something really stressful like a move or even the death of a loved one. I dealt with multiple curve balls […]

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Tracie Morell and Claudia Rankine: Better Than Beach Books

*Contributor’s Note: To all, my apologies. I allowed my emotions to get the better of me the other day and I dashed off something political–my Charleston post–in place of this one. Here is what was supposed to be my regularly-scheduled post for this month. Sorry again for the soapbox moment… by Ron Hayes Almost a lifetime ago […]


Charleston. Seriously??

by Ron Hayes Today I’m supposed to tell you all about the poetry I’m reading and recommend to you what I think you would enjoy reading this summer. But I’m not going to do that. Not today. Today I only want you to read three things: One Two Three and then call this number: 803.734.2100. Ask for Nikki. […]

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Jennie’s Top Ten List of What You Should be Watching Now

by Jennie Jarvis Summer is upon us, and for film lovers, that means one thing – Summer Movie Blockbusters! At the time of writing this, Jurassic World already made enough money on its opening day to cover its entire budget (it made an estimated $181-$200 million on Friday alone, and the film only cost $150 […]

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Summer Reads

by Darlene Cah The phrase “summer reads” conjures images of lazy days on the beach and breezy novels that make your heart race—Stephen King or Nora Roberts. I’ve indulged in, and enjoyed, both, not to mention my fair share of Danielle Steele and John Grisham. Yes, at one point in my life, Danielle Steel and […]

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Publishing News for Brad Windhauser

Brad Windhauser is happy to announce that his current short story “Fight or Flight” was just published in Jonathan, issue 8 (available in print and online). In addition he is presenting a paper,  “Judging Your Content: The Benefits of Subjectivity” at the North American Review Bicentennial Creating Writing & Literature Conference June 13th in Cedar […]

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In Case You Have Missed Them: Authors to Be Reading Now by Brad Windhauser

In Case You Have Missed Them: Authors to Be Reading Now by Brad Windhauser Last month, we discussed writers who have influenced us. Understanding your influences helps you best appreciate how he or she is able to craft their work. Doing so allows you to learn from these stories, poems, plays, and screenplays. Past work, […]

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