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Just Write a Few Ads

By Darlene Cah This month we’re taking a look at the teachers who influenced us as writers. From the crotchety nuns of my childhood to long-haired hippie types in high school, all the way to the laid-back creatives of art school and grad school, so many teachers have affected my work and my life. One, […]

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Teaching Me To Keep Writing

by Jennie Jarvis As a writer, I’ve had a lot of teachers guide me on my journey to get all those pesky stories out of my head and onto the page. Some of them guided me in a classroom, such as Hal Ackerman and Dr. Lee Beger, teaching me in the traditional manner – teacher […]

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Remembering Raymond

by Ron Hayes I like to think we’ve all had a teacher or two who, somewhere along the way, succeeded where others couldn’t or clicked with us in a way that has remained with us – and will continue to remain with us – for as long as we will remember. For me, there are a […]

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Giving Thanks to a Challenging Teacher by Brad Windhauser

Giving Thanks to a Challenging Teacher by Brad Windhauser I love being in a classroom. Even outside of a school setting, I love learning. This passion was fostered by a great number of teachers in my life, and I’m thankful for each one who inspired learning in me. These gifted teachers all shared one crucial […]

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