Emilia Fuentes Grant

I'm a writer who loves books only slightly more than movies. I write for print and video. Most of all, I enjoy collaborating with other artists. I'm currently working on my first novel.

Listen Up! Dialogue is Awesome.

Dialogue: it’s wonderful. When your characters speak, your readers are engaged. There’s something great about turning the page to find a full page of dialogue waiting. There’s something magnetic about characters’ words. Our eyes are drawn the brakes in paragraphs, the quotation marks, the chance to hear the characters’ thoughts expressed in their own words. […]

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Just Let Go: How to Avoid Transforming Your Great, Brilliant, Wonderful Story into a Dark Interminable Life-sucking Void

After a brief hiatus from this excellent writing collaboration, I am happy to return to the Five Writers blog! Full disclosure, this post was supposed to be up yesterday, October the 12th. I didn’t post because, well, it wasn’t done. I have a real problem with finishing my writing. Read on.  I find it interesting […]

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The Recipe (or How I Write)

* “Never write with pencil, mi’ja/It is for those who would erase.” (Carmen Tafolla, marked)   Sonnets and Salsa ISBN: 0916727106 “Alphabet Soup” image courtesy of : www.flickr.com/photos/soaleha/331165682/ Recipe Template: allrecipes.com

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The Question of Where

I rarely think about where I write. The question is usually when, or how, or if I will—”where” is an afterthought. When I consider “where”, I find it’s a loaded word. “Where” denotes locations tangible and intangible. Is it my plastic Ikea desk or the solitary confines of my mind? Even if we limit “where” […]



I imagine that the first time I spoke, I did so out of necessity. I’m not talking about my first word. I mean the first time I uttered a sound with the intention of expressing my singular, interior wants or needs to the people around me. I can’t remember the moment, but I visualize it […]


Why Do I Write?

If you asked me this question on a sidewalk, or in a bar, or over coffee, I’d give a quick answer. I’d say something about loving the written word and wanting to make it my work. I’d say: “I’m new to writing,” and quickly attempt to change the subject. It wouldn’t be a lie. Professionally and […]