Jennie Jarvis has worked in the film and television industry in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and New York City before returning to her home state of Florida. Since moving back to Florida, Jennie has successfully built and coordinated screenwriting competitions as well as served as a judge for film and theater competitions. While working in Beverly Hills, she served as a script analyst, producing coverage for producers, investors, actors and writers. She has operated as a freelance script consultant (“script doctor”) for over ten years working with clients around the world. Through her independent production company, Astorax Productions, she has written and directed a number of short narrative and documentary films. As a literary writer, Ms. Jarvis has regularly contributed to the blog 5writers.com since its inception and has won multiple awards for her writing over the years. While a lot of her most well known writing is academic writing, she has won awards for essays, poetry and short fiction. She has recently completed her first novel, The Book of Melanie, for which she and her agent are diligently seeking publication. She is represented by Saritza Hernandez of the Corvisiero Agency. Jennie can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JarvisWrites and on Twitter @JarvisWrites.

Homepage: http://www.jenniejarvis.com

Teaching Me To Keep Writing

by Jennie Jarvis As a writer, I’ve had a lot of teachers guide me on my journey to get all those pesky stories out of my head and onto the page. Some of them guided me in a classroom, such as Hal Ackerman and Dr. Lee Beger, teaching me in the traditional manner – teacher […]

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Publication News – The Reckoning by Jennie Jarvis

5writers.com’s own Jennie Jarvis is delighted to announce that her short story “The Reckoning” was just published in the Autumn 2016 Issue of the digital literary magazine Bad Apple Zine. It’s a feminist steampunk tale of one girl’s search for the truth behind her mother’s death and her father’s hanging. You can read the story […]

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Refilling The Well: Getting Re-inspired After A Creative Drought by Jennie Jarvis

By Jennie Jarvis Have you ever had a period of time where the very idea of writing stresses you out? You remember what writing is, don’t you? That thing you used to do, long ago, that gave you so much joy? But now, when you think about doing it, all you feel is guilty and […]

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Using Pinterest As a Research Tool

  by Jennie Jarvis As a fiction writer, most of my job entails making crap up. Yes, my stories are based in realities, and it’s important for those realties to ring true in the hearts and minds of my readers. Sometimes, this means doing a little traditional research. Lately, I’ve been spending hours watching videos […]

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Research Tips From A Librarian by Kate Neff

5writers.com welcomes Kate Neff to the site this month! Kate has worked in the library setting for over 15 years, from the public library, to colleges, to the public school system. It’s hard for her to say which is her favorite, but there is never a dull day no matter which kind of library one works […]

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In the Wake of Tragedy

By Jennie Jarvis The world was shocked Sunday morning to awaken to the news of the Pulse Nightclub shooting here in Orlando, Florida. I found out when my father-in-law sent me a text warning me from going to that area. We don’t have cable, so we had to fight with our television antenna to get […]

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Making the Leap From Scene to Scene: Transitions

by Jennie Jarvis When sitting down to write a story, it’s so easy to get caught up in “bullet point” thinking: This happens, then this happens, then this happens. But, if you don’t pay attention to the transitions – how you get from point to point – then a reader or viewer can feel like […]

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Writing Their Stories: Divergent Approaches to Writing Diverse Characters by Allen Gorney

5Writers welcomes guest writer Allen Gorney back to our blog! Allen Gorney is a writer and actor. He currently teaches at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. His forthcoming novel The Scottish Bitch was released on March 17, 2016 under the name Jameson Tabard by Beating Windward Press. You can find him online at www.jamesontabard.com. […]

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Diversify your Diversity by Nicole Oquendo

5Writers.com welcomes Nicole Oquendo to the site! Nicole Oquendo is a writer, educator, and editor interested in multimodal compositions and translations of nonfiction and poetry. She is a member of the Sundress Publications Board of Directors, as well as an Assistant Editor for Flaming Giblet Press, the Nonfiction Editor of The Florida Review, and the […]

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Happy Tears and Sad Laughter: Displaying Emotions In A Human Way

by Jennie Jarvis In 2011, my father died of cancer. I had a great relationships with my dad, so, as you can imagine, this really sucked. When it came time to plan his funeral, however, I refused to let the event be depressing. My dad hated when things got too serious, always preferring campy action […]

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