Typical Conversation Linda Escalera: I'm a playwright. Guy: Really? How did you end up doing that? LE: The only thing I can manage to write well is dialogue. Guy: You think that's good dialogue? LE: No, not really, but I was just answering -- Guy: Would I have seen anything you've written? LE: I really don't know. Ever seen a play in LA or off-off Broadway or the dozens of the places my work has been produced? If so, you might have seen my short play "Welcome to Florida" (published by Brooklyn Publishers) or one of my full-length plays like "Silent Heroes" or "Harps & Harmonicas". If you hang out at schools or churches you might have seen one of my children's plays or a chancel drama or two. Perhaps the cantata "Believe." Guy: So, do you make a living as a playwright? LE: Not a very good living . . . Guy: Yeah, that's what I thought. To find out more about me check out, Like me at


Rejecting Rejection

I am the daughter of a Marine aviator.  I have two older brothers who were mean to me in the way older brothers are to younger sisters who want to tag along and do everything they do.   I began my career as a competitive athlete at age five. I have a tough skin. I spent […]

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When It Comes To Submitting, Fugetaboutit.

For some writers, submitting is an obsession.  Not the act of submitting – which might be a good thing to be obsessed about.  I’m talking about the aftermath of submitting.  The waiting game.  I know writers who check email and snail mail constantly like a teenage girl awaiting a call following a first date.  If […]

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The Next Big Thing! (Linda)

Last week author of the fantasy “Mad Kestrel”, Misty Massey ( tagged me on her blog, as part of a chain of authors called THE NEXT BIG THING. Today it’s my turn to reciprocate and to pass on the torch. I’m going to answer questions about my new project. Then I’m going to tag some […]

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When You Don’t Meet Your Goals, Rationalize

At 16, I set a goal.  I wanted to be an All State Swimmer.  I was the South Carolina state champion in the 100 and 200 yd breaststroke.  You’d think that would be enough to qualify, right?  No!  To be an All State Swimmer you had to post a time within 10% of the state […]

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Talk To Me

Dialogue.  At last, my forte.  As a playwright, all I write is dialogue. We all know dialogue needs to sound natural.  And my blogmates have made great comments and suggestions about how to do this.  So let’s move on from the actual words to the flow of conversation. How many times do your real life […]

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Is It Done Yet?

I count a play done, finished, finito when I sit in the audience and don’t change a thing.  I count it “done” when I am ready to submit. And that then begs the question, “Why am I submitting this?” That’s not a self-depreciating comment about the quality of my work – but a reminder that […]

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Developing Characters Takes Good Jeans

Remember those Calvin Klein jeans we wore in the early 80s?  (A pox on your house to anyone who wants to remind me they weren’t alive in the early 80s.) The jeans were tight enough to be interesting but loose enough to put on – even if we had to lie down on the bed […]

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When The Strangers Come Visiting . . .

I know people who write with index cards.  People who outline.  People who do mounds and mounds and mounds of research to understand every nuance of setting, costuming, language etc. before they write a single word. Me?  I just start talking to my characters.  And I keep talking until they answer.  (If they don’t, they’re […]


Where do I write?

Where don’t I write? is an easier question.  I am blessed with not needing a special place or absolute silence or my special chair or what have you. I spent 20 years in advertising.  Writing in agencies where getting hit with a nerf dart or being on the wrong side of an Uzi water gun […]


Where My Ideas Come From: Or Why My Family Runs And Hides When I Start A New Play.

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire, I won’t look any further than my own backyard, because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”  The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie.  Except for that line.  I hate that line.  Because I always wanted to go places, see […]