Ron Hayes

I am a writer and a teacher from Erie, Pennsylvania.


On the Intersection of Literature and Politics (Redux)  

by Ron Hayes In the late fall of 1989, upheaval around the globe seemed to bring pause to the world, as if we were all holding our collective breath. Revolution swirled through the streets and plains and forests and public squares of Eastern and Central Europe. In Prague, a middle-aged dissident writer, the factory-working son […]

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Remembering Raymond

by Ron Hayes I like to think we’ve all had a teacher or two who, somewhere along the way, succeeded where others couldn’t or clicked with us in a way that has remained with us – and will continue to remain with us – for as long as we will remember. For me, there are a […]

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With all our love and our fondest wishes that yours is a long, happy life together! Your 5Writers Family, Jennie, Darlene, Linda, & Ron

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8 Simple Salami Tactics to Exercise the Routine that Makes the Muse Chase YOU After a Long Layoff

by Ron Hayes (note: YIKES! Forgive that crazy title this month, will you?) As a high school history teacher, I’m continually surprised at how frequently the seasonality of my work sneaks up on me. I mean, by its very nature, my regular job is seasonal work: three seasons on, one off. With the dawning of […]

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They, Too, Dislike It: 12 Artists Who Crossed Genres and Wrote Poetry

by Ron Hayes Ah, poetry. Who hasn’t taken a stab at slapping couplets together in a lovesick attempt to show that special someone just how special they really are? Who hasn’t memorized a favorite limerick and then later decided to improve on it, change it, or otherwise contribute something fresh in an attempt to make […]

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When The Muse Is Elusive

by Ron Hayes What does research have to do with poetry and why in the world would a poet ever need to do research? Ever been asked this question? Ever asked it yourself? When the term “research” crops up in a conversation amongst you and your poet friends, do they look at you funny and […]

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The Bard Was Right. To Thine Own Self…

by Ron Hayes Weird year so far. As a poet, I’m deeply affected by the things that go on around me. As a teacher, there always seems to be a lot going on. Typically, these goings-on find their way into the poems I put on the page, but this year has been unusually distracting. With […]

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Every Line A Break, Every Break A Transition

by Ron Hayes In poetry, transitioning from idea to idea in a poem (or scene to scene, or between characters’ points of view, or what have you) seems a lot less complicated than in other genres of writing. You’d think it’s as simple as beginning a new stanza: end the line, hit the Return key […]

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National Poetry Month & Anna Rose Welch

    by Ron Hayes Very near to where I live there also lives a small, horrible, twisted, stunted, shrivel of a brain that happens, sadly, to be attached to a state legislator named Brad Roae. This tragedy of grey matter recently gave voice to what I fear as both a poet and an educator. […]

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National Poetry Month Begins!

by Ron Hayes Hello dear readers and Happy April! Once again Eliot’s “cruellest month” is upon us and I couldn’t be happier. We have a tremendous National Poetry Month planned for you here at Let’s get to it! One of the oldest adages in writing is to write what you know. While I take […]

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