Ron Hayes

I am a writer and a teacher from Erie, Pennsylvania.


“And lead us not into temptation…”

The advantage of our emotions is that they lead us astray. – Oscar Wilde by Ron Hayes A few years ago my wife and I got into a bit of a fight at Christmastime. For the record, I was wrong. The fight erupted after her favorite uncle’s annual Christmas poem arrived in the mail and I, […]

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2016: A Crossroads Year

by Ron Hayes In the Memeland known as Facebook, there’s a certain meme that has struck me kinda hard over the past few days. It’s the one that frames the new year as a metaphor for a 365-page book for each of us to write. I think the reason it resonates so strongly is because it immediately generates in me a near-overwhelming […]

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2015: An Inspiring Year; A Disquieting Year

by Ron Hayes It’s that time again. Hard to believe but, as they inevitably must, our days get shorter, nights get darker, the snows return, and we find ourselves contemplative at the close of another year. Time to take stock: How did we do? WHAT did we do? What can we do better? While it would be […]

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The “Other” Problem: Does Literary License = Cultural Appropriation?

by Ron Hayes As a lover and observer of language, I’ve come to the realization that I am, for all intents and purposes, a linguamorph. Or maybe it’s lenguamorph. I don’t know. Not sure which would be correct really but, given the fact I’m making up a word to match a concept, the question is moot. My […]

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Workshopping 101

by Ron Hayes Full disclosure: I’m a snob. A HUGE snob. When it comes to writing (and poetry in particular), I chafe quickly and easily when bad verse is foisted onto an unsuspecting reader—especially when that reader is me. The proliferation across the Internet of exploitive sites that prey on the earnest honesty of new […]

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Depth by Darwin? A Primer on Poetic Evolution

by Ron Hayes As poets, our journey from the beginning to the end of a given work is unlike that of our colleagues who write in different genres. Where fiction writers must concern themselves with character arcs and plot holes, playwrights and screen writers grapple to create compelling characters and genuine dialogue, and essayists with universality and […]

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Dog Days of Summer: Writing With Pets

by Ron Hayes It’s late. The house is dark and still. Down the hall from my office, where I sit with only a dim lamp and the harsh glow of my MacBook for light, my wife and son are shut behind their respective bedroom doors, fast asleep. I’ve been clicking away at these keys for […]

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Tracie Morell and Claudia Rankine: Better Than Beach Books

*Contributor’s Note: To all, my apologies. I allowed my emotions to get the better of me the other day and I dashed off something political–my Charleston post–in place of this one. Here is what was supposed to be my regularly-scheduled post for this month. Sorry again for the soapbox moment… by Ron Hayes Almost a lifetime ago […]


Charleston. Seriously??

by Ron Hayes Today I’m supposed to tell you all about the poetry I’m reading and recommend to you what I think you would enjoy reading this summer. But I’m not going to do that. Not today. Today I only want you to read three things: One Two Three and then call this number: 803.734.2100. Ask for Nikki. […]

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Challenge Accepted! (Update)

by Ron Hayes Well. Welcome Spring! While I can’t know what it’s been like for you where you live, I can tell you that in my neck of the woods, we are only just now beginning to emerge from the frigid darkness of winter. Amazing what a simple quarter of the year can bring. If […]

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