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When Is A Screenplay “Published”?

By Jennie Jarvis Working in Academia the past six years has been quite a change from the hectic life of working on set. While life in the film industry began at 4am and often didn’t end until 11pm, being a professor is a much less sleep-deprived occupation. Life is a lot slower (read: both more […]

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Knowing When to Start a New Project: The Agent’s Perspective by Jennie Goloboy

As you have probably already guessed, this month at, we focused on the theme “Knowing When To Start A New Project.” We all had our ideas on this topic, but one thing we couldn’t answer is this: What advice does an agent have on this topic? To answer the question, we turned to “the […]

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A-Listers and B-Sides: When to Abandon Your Poems

by Ron Hayes The late French poet Paul Valery (1871-1945) is credited with having said, “A poem is never finished, only abandoned,” which, in my experience, is about as profound a concept as I can find. I think it’s true, art—and writing in particular—is often abandoned rather than completed, and regardless of whether it was […]

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Is It Done Yet?

I count a play done, finished, finito when I sit in the audience and don’t change a thing.  I count it “done” when I am ready to submit. And that then begs the question, “Why am I submitting this?” That’s not a self-depreciating comment about the quality of my work – but a reminder that […]

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Enough! I’m Done! It’s Over!

It’s hard for me to read my published stories. Even when they’re committed to print, I revise and edit as I read. It drives me nuts. Eventually, I get over it. So when is a creative work ready to leave the safety of your documents folder? As many of my Five Writers colleagues have pointed […]

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How Do I Know When a Piece is Ready for Submission? by Eric Sheridan Wyatt

I’m delighted our third guest blogger to! Eric Sheridan Wyatt is a writer and educator living in Bradenton, Florida. His work has appeared in print and online at Ozone Park Journal, Eunoia Review, and The First Line, among others. He received his BA in Education from Ball State University and is a graduate of […]

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The Finish Line

The Finish Line I was an out-of-shape ninth grader when I joined the track team.  Somehow I got the idea I would enjoy running even though I NEVER had (especially in junior high, where my mile times were in the high 9’s). I lacked any power off the line, so I figured I would run […]

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