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Writing For Young Audiences

by Jennie Jarvis Last month, I had the privilege of moderating a panel at the Florida Writers Conference on writing for young audiences. Speaking on the panel were the following dynamic writers: New York Times Bestselling Author Beth Revis, Comic Book writer/editor, Graphic Novelist and YA Author Roland Mann, award winning children’s book author and screenwriter […]

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Talk To Me

Dialogue.  At last, my forte.  As a playwright, all I write is dialogue. We all know dialogue needs to sound natural.  And my blogmates have made great comments and suggestions about how to do this.  So let’s move on from the actual words to the flow of conversation. How many times do your real life […]

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Using Dialogue

I’m a huge movie buff.  Part of what I love about a great movie lies in the often snappy dialogue that flies between characters. When that dialogue is working best, it does multiple things- characterize, propel the story forward, serve as the tension, etc., I tend to watch these type of movies over and over.  […]

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A Conversation about Dialogue

I was in a two-session writing from prompts workshop recently and one participant mentioned that he was scared of writing dialogue. He didn’t like it and thought he wasn’t good at it. Turns out he wasn’t as awful as he thought and with some tips and encouragement, he began to feel more confident, even two […]

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Listen Up! Dialogue is Awesome.

Dialogue: it’s wonderful. When your characters speak, your readers are engaged. There’s something great about turning the page to find a full page of dialogue waiting. There’s something magnetic about characters’ words. Our eyes are drawn the brakes in paragraphs, the quotation marks, the chance to hear the characters’ thoughts expressed in their own words. […]

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Dialogue: Making My Kryptonite Snappy

By Jennie Jarvis All humans have a weakness. Writers, it seems, have more weaknesses than the rest. Those various colors of kryptonite that can bind us up, take away our powers and make us feel like complete frauds. For me, my biggest writing weakness is dialogue. Being a screenwriter, this may seem like a pretty […]

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