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A Poet’s Perspective on Grammar

David Locke works in the Library at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. He attended Louisiana State University as a double major in History and Creative Writing. In addition, he earned his Master of Fine Arts from Queens University in Charlotte. Though he hopes to begin submitting work again soon, he continues his self-imposed […]

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Grammar Blessings. And Curses.

I hate grammar.  I have been putting off this post, because I hate grammar.  I used to be good at it.  Now I’ve forgotten everything except the occasional comma rule.  And capitalization, I’m pretty good at that.  And incomplete sentences.  (I’m really good at those.)  And run-on sentences.  And subjective vs objective pronouns.  Okay, so […]

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Fun with Grammar

Here’s a fun sentence that is missing proper punctuation: Woman without her man is nothing.  (You’ll find this example in several places on-line, so I didn’t create it.)  It illustrates the importance of grammar (and knowledge of proper punctuation).  The key here is proper. The idea is not to ensure that you follow the rules […]

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Please Refer to the Diagram

I failed ruler in third grade. Though I couldn’t be trusted to take an accurate measurement, the notched wooden implement with the metal edge did serve a useful purpose in my young life: drawing precise lines and angles to diagram sentences. I’m pretty sure that was the same year I won the class spelling bee, […]

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The Pattern’s the Thing: The Uses of Grammar in Screenwriting by Allen Gorney

It is with great pleasure that I introduce guest blogger Allen Gorney: Allen Gorney is a Course Director in the MFA Creative Writing Program at Full Sail University. He earned his BA and MA in English (Film Analysis/Dramatic Literature Concentrations) from the University of Central Florida and has been teaching courses in literature, rhetoric, and […]

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