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Who Am I?

By Darlene Cah I am a young Latina woman who sees Jesus’ face on a window shade in her apartment in the projects. I am an elderly male, Afro-American, Jazz bassist, who connects with a white mission woman in the audience through music. I am a white, lower middle-class, Italian-American woman who elopes with a […]

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The “Other” Problem: Does Literary License = Cultural Appropriation?

by Ron Hayes As a lover and observer of language, I’ve come to the realization that I am, for all intents and purposes, a linguamorph. Or maybe it’s lenguamorph. I don’t know. Not sure which would be correct really but, given the fact I’m making up a word to match a concept, the question is moot. My […]

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Writing “The Other”: Creating Characters Different than You by Brad Windhauser

Writing “The Other”: Creating Characters Different than You by Brad Windhauser Oh, I thought a woman had written this story…. You wrote this? But you’re white… I’ve heard these types of comments expressed during fiction workshops—and not always at me. There’s a compliment buried in these reactions—in theory, the author rendered a type of character […]

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