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2015: A Year of Regrouping and Refocusing by Brad Windhauser

2015: A Year of Regrouping and Refocusing by Brad Windhauser This past year I took stock of my various ongoing writing projects. Were they still serving my career goals? Some were, some were not; others, though important, consumed too much of my time. So, this year, I made a concerted effort to wrap-up a very […]

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Conversation with the 2015 Muse

2015: The long-awaited return of the Muse By Darlene Cah Me: Oh, it’s you. I almost didn’t recognize you. Muse: Don’t be snarky. I have other writer clients, you know, and I’ve nudged you a few times this year, and what did you do? Blew me off. Me: It was 3:34 in the morning! I […]

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2015: Looking Back at a Year in Flux

By Jennie Jarvis Each December, we here at like to look back at the year and reflect on how we did with our writing goals. Sadly, this year, I completely sucked. I started off the year feeling strong. I was ready to get my standard two novels a year written, and I had the […]

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2015: An Inspiring Year; A Disquieting Year

by Ron Hayes It’s that time again. Hard to believe but, as they inevitably must, our days get shorter, nights get darker, the snows return, and we find ourselves contemplative at the close of another year. Time to take stock: How did we do? WHAT did we do? What can we do better? While it would be […]

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