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Why I Don’t Need To Set Goals

By Linda Escalera Price I HATE goals. I know, I’ve mentioned this before. But I really do. So I don’t set them. Here’s my rationale. I don’t need goals to give me direction – I know where I’m headed. I don’t need goals to get things accomplished – I know what things I want to […]

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New Year. New Stories. New Ideas.

By Darlene Cah   When I started thinking about this annual goal-setting post, my first thoughts went to the short story (possible novella) I want to finish, the short story I’m working on whenever I get a chance, the few other stories that have potential if I could just get around to revising them, and […]

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2016 is The Year of Positive Energy

by Jennie Jarvis Happy New Year to all our regular readers! Each year, we love to start the year by telling you our goals in the hopes that it will show you that you aren’t alone in your writing goals and to hopefully inspire you to set your own goals as well. If you are […]

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Goals for 2016 by Brad Windhauser

Goals for 2016 by Brad Windhauser I’m a scheduler, and setting goals (both large and small) keeps my work on track. Part of developing this particular skill means setting goals that are both important and reachable. This year, I have ensured that my goals are designed to accomplish my long term writing goal: be a […]

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2016: A Crossroads Year

by Ron Hayes In the Memeland known as Facebook, there’s a certain meme that has struck me kinda hard over the past few days. It’s the one that frames the new year as a metaphor for a 365-page book for each of us to write. I think the reason it resonates so strongly is because it immediately generates in me a near-overwhelming […]

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