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Teaching Me To Keep Writing

by Jennie Jarvis As a writer, I’ve had a lot of teachers guide me on my journey to get all those pesky stories out of my head and onto the page. Some of them guided me in a classroom, such as Hal Ackerman and Dr. Lee Beger, teaching me in the traditional manner – teacher […]

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What’s In A Name? Thanks!

by Linda Escalera Price On January 28, 1986, I stood in stunned silence in my office parking lot in Jacksonville, FL as the plume of Space Shuttle Challenger exploded into two hideous plumes. Fourteen years later I named a character, the wife of a Marine aviator who stands strong under adversity, June – as a way of […]

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Hats Off: Ten Things To Consider When Writing Your Acknowledgements

by Jennie Jarvis As Brad stated in his great post last week, this month we here at 5 Writers are getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving and talking about paying tribute in our work. For me, this topic feels very timely since it was only a few short months ago when I turned into my editor the Acknowledgements for […]


Paying Tribute to the Ones Who Have Inspired and Supported You – Adding Little Flourishes to Your Stories by Brad Windhauser

Paying Tribute to the Ones Who have Inspired and Supported You – Adding Little Flourishes to Your Stories by Brad Windhauser With Thanksgiving approaching, we have decided to discuss a different way to give thanks—how do we pay tribute to the influences in our writing lives, be they our friends and family and/or the writers […]

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