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A Writer Writes

By Jennie Jarvis A writer writes… This sounds like a very straightforward and obvious concept, but it amazes me how many of my students seem to try to over-complicate this simple idea. Being a professor in an MFA program, all of my students are passionate about the stories that they want to tell, but many […]

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What I Write Is Informed (Often) By What I Read

Since reading and writing are connected, I thought I would focus on what I read. It took me a while to get on the contemporary fiction bandwagon (if you care to think of it like that).  I was one of those lit students as an undergrad and as a grad student the first time around […]



What makes it to the page and how it gets there

Last month I performed a stunning, acrobatic, unscheduled dismount from my horse. If anyone had been there to witness this feat, I’m sure they would have been amazed at the grace this middle-aged woman of somewhat substantial weight displayed, as I was flung into the air at a surprising velocity—probably wailing a litany of less […]




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