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A Pet’s Point of View: Showing not Telling in Disney’s Feast by Brad Windhauser

A Pet’s Point of View: Showing not Telling in Disney’s Feast by Brad Windhauser When writing, I’ll explore any topic or idea that piques my interest. However, I typically avoid a child’s point of view—I prefer a narrator and a vantage point infused with more maturity than the average child is capable of—and I never […]

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Special Edition: Forgive and Get On With It: Getting Back Into Writing After A Long Break

By Jennie Jarvis Let’s face it: Sometimes, life throws us some curve balls that can affect our writing. It might be something as innocent as things getting busy at work, but it could also be something really stressful like a move or even the death of a loved one. I dealt with multiple curve balls […]

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Hats Off: Ten Things To Consider When Writing Your Acknowledgements

by Jennie Jarvis As Brad stated in his great post last week, this month we here at 5 Writers are getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving and talking about paying tribute in our work. For me, this topic feels very timely since it was only a few short months ago when I turned into my editor the Acknowledgements for […]


Special Edition: 5 Ways Exploring New Mediums Can Re-Invigorate Your Writing

by Jennie Jarvis Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending a great workshop on writing Children’s Picture Books, conducted by Alicia Thompson (@Aliciabooks). I’ve never written Picture Books before, and I don’t have any children. However, I was suffering from a post-writing project burnout, and the idea of exploring this new medium seemed… […]

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Just Keep Swimming: Jennie’s Secret to Staying Positive In The Wake Of Rejection

By Jennie Jarvis Let’s face it – In the writing industry, we face a lot of rejection. In fact, most people know more about how writers are rejected than any other part of the industry. Throughout my life, each time I have told various teachers, parents, friends and strangers about my career choice of being […]

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I imagine that the first time I spoke, I did so out of necessity. I’m not talking about my first word. I mean the first time I uttered a sound with the intention of expressing my singular, interior wants or needs to the people around me. I can’t remember the moment, but I visualize it […]


Unexpected Inspiration

We live in a crazy world. With all the demands for a nanosecond of our attention spans, it’s easy to tune out, shut down or narrow our focus. As writers, however, we have to open up. Open our eyes. Our ears. Our noses. Our hearts (Okay, not literally, please!). Stories are everywhere—from a walk in […]

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Where My Ideas Come From: Or Why My Family Runs And Hides When I Start A New Play.

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire, I won’t look any further than my own backyard, because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”  The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie.  Except for that line.  I hate that line.  Because I always wanted to go places, see […]


Writing as Instructive—for both me and the audience

Writing as Instructive—for both me and the audience Janet Burroway says—in Writing Fiction—that Fiction’s job is to state a problem correctly.  Not to solve the world’s problems, not to tell people the right answer; no, writing needs to point out something worth examining—a problem on some level—and suggest how the people detailed in the story […]


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Nightmares and Muses

By Jennie Jarvis When I was in my middle school years, I started having a recurring nightmare. There were black catwalks and pillars of flame. There was suffocating heat, and the rubber from the souls of my sneakers would melt, leaving strings of plastic on the grid below me as I walked. Occasionally, the world […]

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