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Adapting Writing Boundaries to the Fur Children

By Jennie Jarvis When I lived in Los Angeles, I had the best writing companion. Each afternoon, I would turn to my sweet dog Arnold and say “It’s time to go to work!” He wound bound up the stairs, leading me to the top floor office where I would install myself behind my writing desk […]

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The Question of Where

I rarely think about where I write. The question is usually when, or how, or if I will—”where” is an afterthought. When I consider “where”, I find it’s a loaded word. “Where” denotes locations tangible and intangible. Is it my plastic Ikea desk or the solitary confines of my mind? Even if we limit “where” […]


An Environment Ripe for Writing

I have a home office. Like the rest of my house, it’s decorated in contemporary clutter. Looking in from the door, you’d see a direct path to my chair lined on either side by stuff. My computer sits on a roll top desk among the ever-changing collection of coupons, bills, scraps of paper with scribbled […]

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Redefining spaces

By Jennie Jarvis When I was living in Los Angeles, I was spoiled. I had an office space on the top floor of my three story condo that consisted of just enough room for my Ikea desk, a chair for my dog and a couple of bookshelves. The wall across from my desk was open, […]



A Room of My Own

A Room of My Own Although I love to write, it takes very little to divert my attention from my work.  There are days when I curse the makers of Bejeweled Blitz and Monopoly for existing within easy reach of my mouse.  But the ability to be so easily distracted comes from being out of […]



Where do I write?

Where don’t I write? is an easier question.  I am blessed with not needing a special place or absolute silence or my special chair or what have you. I spent 20 years in advertising.  Writing in agencies where getting hit with a nerf dart or being on the wrong side of an Uzi water gun […]