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Writing As Catharsis: Writing As A Coping Mechanism

by Jennie Jarvis One of the sad truths about being human is that we will, without doubt, have to deal with death at some point in our life. Even if we are the most anti-social person in the world and stay isolated from every other person on the planet, we will still have to face […]

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The World of Words Inside My Head

By Jennie Jarvis Anytime I read an interview with a famous screenwriter or watch a director talking on some behind-the-scenes sneak peek of an upcoming film that I can’t wait to see, I always hear the interviewees saying the same thing: “I remember the first time that I went to a movie. It was magical, […]

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I tried Hard Not to be a Writer

I would love to tell you that from the moment I learned the alphabet, I lived to write, that I craved it like I crave a Costco-size package of Dove chocolates. The truth is I tried very hard not to be a writer. Oh, I love words. I love stringing them together to make quirky […]



Why Do I Write?

If you asked me this question on a sidewalk, or in a bar, or over coffee, I’d give a quick answer. I’d say something about loving the written word and wanting to make it my work. I’d say: “I’m new to writing,” and quickly attempt to change the subject. It wouldn’t be a lie. Professionally and […]


Why I Write

The simple answer is I don’t know how not to. That’s not entirely true – there have been chunks of my adult life when I didn’t write.  But it is in those times that I have not felt completely whole either. I realized I wanted to be a writer in fourth grade.  It was my […]


I was a poet once.

I was a poet.  Or perhaps I should say “poet.” I had loved jotting down stories when I was a kid.  Inspired by the Encyclopedia Brown, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Detectives series, I let my imagination run wild on my little notepad with tales of adventures that were probably […]


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