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Performance as Publication: The Art of the Ten Minute Play by Allen Gorney is proud to welcome back Allen Gorney. Allen Gorney is an author, screenwriter, actor, and script consultant living in the central Florida region. He has written several novels, screenplays, short stories, stage plays, and essays. As a screenwriter, he has earned recognition and critical praise from festivals and contests around the country. He has […]

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The Pattern’s the Thing: The Uses of Grammar in Screenwriting by Allen Gorney

It is with great pleasure that I introduce guest blogger Allen Gorney: Allen Gorney is a Course Director in the MFA Creative Writing Program at Full Sail University. He earned his BA and MA in English (Film Analysis/Dramatic Literature Concentrations) from the University of Central Florida and has been teaching courses in literature, rhetoric, and […]

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Breaking The Chain

By Jennie Jarvis Years ago, comedian and writer Jerry Seinfeld delivered some of the best advice on writing I’ve ever heard – Don’t break the chain. This essentially means that it’s a good idea for a writer to take a wall calendar (perhaps one of the hundred that I receive each month from charity organizations […]

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