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Oddly Optimistic

By Darlene Cah I think most people would agree 2016 was a crazy year. Heartbreaking. Frustrating. Infuriating, mind-numbing with emotions ranging from flaring tempers to blissful denial. And yet, in spite of it all, and an uncertain start to 2017, I’m optimistic. Call me delusional, but yes, I’m optimistic. And I’m determined to remain so. […]

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Old Story, Surprising Results

By Darlene Cah 2016 was my love/hate relationship with writing year. It was a year of questioning whether or not I even want to continue. It was a year of just plain being tired of everything. My job was particularly demanding, and because I write for a living, often the last thing I wanted to […]

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From Curious to Furious: Confessions of a Research Junkie

By Darlene Cah If you had told me when I was in high school or college that I would become addicted to research, I would have laughed in your face—I’m talking coffee-spraying-from-mouth laughed! It would have been hysterical (in the literal sense of the word), not to mention messy. I’ll blame my penchant for research […]

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Guide Your Reader with Smooth, Clear Transitions by Brad Windhauser

Guide Your Reader with Smooth, Clear Transitions by Brad Windhauser When I received notes on my first novel, Regret, one of the first things mentioned related to a character moving from outside to inside. In one paragraph he’s interacting with a person by his car on the street. A few sentences later, he’s inside the […]

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New Year. New Stories. New Ideas.

By Darlene Cah   When I started thinking about this annual goal-setting post, my first thoughts went to the short story (possible novella) I want to finish, the short story I’m working on whenever I get a chance, the few other stories that have potential if I could just get around to revising them, and […]

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There’s a Story Here Somewhere

By Darlene Cah My team at work is really into self-awareness and self-discovery. We watch webinars, discuss our work habits, and take in depth personality tests. I must admit I love this stuff! Our most recent team analysis session had us discovering our “social styles” at work. Between the test results and the opinions of […]

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Thank You, Charlie!

By Darlene Cah When I applied to the School of Visual Arts back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I remember filling out a lengthy form with dozens of questions about my life as an artist, my commitment to art, and so on. These were difficult answers to put into words simply because I’d never given […]

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A Short Guide to Guidelines

By Darlene Cah You finished your story. That in itself warrants a celebration, so take a minute to congratulate yourself, because the nitty-gritty work is about to begin. You workshop it. Revise it. Workshop it. Revise. Breathe. Revise. Pull your hair out. Revise. Eat bags of Hershey’s Kisses. Revise. Finally, your story is ready to […]

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The Benefits of Having Multiple Projects Simmering and Knowing When to Start a New One by Brad Windhauser

The Benefits of Having Multiple Projects Simmering and Knowing When to Start a New One by Brad Windhauser Although I often multitask, I used to force myself to devote my energy to one project at a time.  When I would finish one thing, then I’d move on to another. I thought this was how you […]

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Furthering the Craft: Applied Learning by Emilia Fuentes Grant

5writers once again welcomes the return of Emilia Fuentes Grant as a guest blogger for this month! Further the Craft: Applied Learning by Emilia Fuentes Grant It’s an interesting thing, to hold the title of “master” in a field of practice. I’m a Master of the Fine Arts in Creative Writing, specifically Fiction, and the […]

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