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What I’ve Been Reading This Year, with a Special Nod to Laskowski’s Bystanders by Brad Windhauser

What I’ve Been Reading This Year, with a Special Nod to Laskowski’s Bystanders by Brad Windhauser         I’m halfway to my read-50-books-this-year goal, and although I have enjoyed many of the 25 books I have read thus far, I don’t have a favorite. I liked Yanagihara’s A Little Life, although I felt […]

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Switch Off Work Brain. Switch On Writer Brain

By Darlene Cah Most writers, even those with published books, have some kind of “day job,” whether they’re teachers, administrative assistants, attorneys, mail carriers or working in any number or other jobs. For some, writing time is a welcome respite from the stress of life in a cube. For me, it’s a difficult transition. My […]

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Writer as Actor

By Darlene Cah One of the most important lessons I learned as an improv actor was to always enter a scene with an emotion. As improvisers we had no idea what the scene was about, or where it would go, who our characters were, and what they’re relationships were to each other. We figured it […]

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Conversation with the 2015 Muse

2015: The long-awaited return of the Muse By Darlene Cah Me: Oh, it’s you. I almost didn’t recognize you. Muse: Don’t be snarky. I have other writer clients, you know, and I’ve nudged you a few times this year, and what did you do? Blew me off. Me: It was 3:34 in the morning! I […]

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Who Am I?

By Darlene Cah I am a young Latina woman who sees Jesus’ face on a window shade in her apartment in the projects. I am an elderly male, Afro-American, Jazz bassist, who connects with a white mission woman in the audience through music. I am a white, lower middle-class, Italian-American woman who elopes with a […]

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My #Pitchwars Experience: How Taking Part in This Cool Experience Enhanced My Completed Novel by Brad Windhauser

My #Pitchwars Experience: How Taking Part in This Cool Experience Enhanced My Completed Novel by Brad Windhauser Up until three years ago, I didn’t have a Twitter account. I’d heard plenty about how and why people used it, but, after exploring it, I didn’t grasp how to make connections with people nor why 140 characters […]

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There’s a Story Here Somewhere

By Darlene Cah My team at work is really into self-awareness and self-discovery. We watch webinars, discuss our work habits, and take in depth personality tests. I must admit I love this stuff! Our most recent team analysis session had us discovering our “social styles” at work. Between the test results and the opinions of […]

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My Writing Assistants Wear Fur

By Darlene Cah Eight years ago, I stopped into Food Lion to pick up some salad, veggies, and a bag of Sun Chips. I went home with two feisty kittens, still blue-eyed balls of fuzz I could fit in the palms of my hands. They had wandered over, across two parking lots from a feral […]

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Big Happenings in Spartanburg, SC: The 2015 Hub City Writing in Place Conference

By Darlene Cah I’ve been going to The Hub City Writing in Place workshop, held at Wofford College every July, for a good ten years. Honestly, I lost count after year five! But every year, I can guarantee, whether the instructor is well-known, like Wiley Cash, George Singleton or Tommy Hays, is a rising star, […]

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Summer Reads

by Darlene Cah The phrase “summer reads” conjures images of lazy days on the beach and breezy novels that make your heart race—Stephen King or Nora Roberts. I’ve indulged in, and enjoyed, both, not to mention my fair share of Danielle Steele and John Grisham. Yes, at one point in my life, Danielle Steel and […]

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