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The Agent/Author Relationship: The Push Me – Pull You of Publishing by Stacey Graham is delighted to have Stacey Graham with us this month. Stacey Graham is the author of four books and a rag-tag collection of short stories. She is currently scaring the pants off of readers with her book HAUNTED STUFF: DEMONIC DOLLS, SCREAMING SKULLS, AND OTHER CREEPY COLLECTIBLES. She intends on returning the pants at […]

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Special Edition: There’s More To Life Than Self-Pub vs. Traditional

By Jennie Jarvis Let me guess: If you are reading this blog, then you want to be a published author, right? You’ve written your manuscript (or most of it), and you are already dreaming of seeing your book’s title on an Amazon Bestseller list (or better yet, a New York Times Bestseller List). You know […]

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Special Edition: The Golden Conversation

By Jennie Jarvis Earlier today, I was fortunate enough to have one of those golden conversations that beginning writers everywhere dream of having. I had a meeting with an agent, and she LOVES my first novel. As an aspiring screenwriter, I worked for years on script after script, submitting them to agents, writing competitions and […]

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