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Brad Windhauser Announces Launch of New Writing Project (and other activity)

A busy few weeks for Brad: New Blog Project: A gay author reading the Bible for the first time?  Yep.  Brad Windhauser chronicles his journey reading through the Bible for the first time (beginning with the New Testament) on his new site: Author Profile: He is profiled on Jonnie Martin’s Blog site, talking about […]

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Handling Rejection of Your Work

Jonnie Martin is a novelist and blogger who returned to her home state of Texas in 2012, settling into the Austin area, where she is exploring the notion of “place” and the western culture.  She is seeking representation for her first novel, Wrangle, set on a quarter horse ranch in Hempstead, Texas.  Jonnie regularly blogs […]

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The Next Big Thing! (Brad)

Here at 5Writers we’re providing some insight into our current projects.  Once we’re done, we are  passing on some info about some other writers whose work we dig. So, here’s what Brad has on the horizon. What is the working title of your book?  This Too Shall Pass What is the one-sentence synopsis of your […]

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