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8 Simple Salami Tactics to Exercise the Routine that Makes the Muse Chase YOU After a Long Layoff

by Ron Hayes (note: YIKES! Forgive that crazy title this month, will you?) As a high school history teacher, I’m continually surprised at how frequently the seasonality of my work sneaks up on me. I mean, by its very nature, my regular job is seasonal work: three seasons on, one off. With the dawning of […]

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When The Muse Is Elusive

by Ron Hayes What does research have to do with poetry and why in the world would a poet ever need to do research? Ever been asked this question? Ever asked it yourself? When the term “research” crops up in a conversation amongst you and your poet friends, do they look at you funny and […]

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The Bard Was Right. To Thine Own Self…

by Ron Hayes Weird year so far. As a poet, I’m deeply affected by the things that go on around me. As a teacher, there always seems to be a lot going on. Typically, these goings-on find their way into the poems I put on the page, but this year has been unusually distracting. With […]

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Every Line A Break, Every Break A Transition

by Ron Hayes In poetry, transitioning from idea to idea in a poem (or scene to scene, or between characters’ points of view, or what have you) seems a lot less complicated than in other genres of writing. You’d think it’s as simple as beginning a new stanza: end the line, hit the Return key […]

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National Poetry Month Begins!

by Ron Hayes Hello dear readers and Happy April! Once again Eliot’s “cruellest month” is upon us and I couldn’t be happier. We have a tremendous National Poetry Month planned for you here at Let’s get to it! One of the oldest adages in writing is to write what you know. While I take […]

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2016: A Crossroads Year

by Ron Hayes In the Memeland known as Facebook, there’s a certain meme that has struck me kinda hard over the past few days. It’s the one that frames the new year as a metaphor for a 365-page book for each of us to write. I think the reason it resonates so strongly is because it immediately generates in me a near-overwhelming […]

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Workshopping 101

by Ron Hayes Full disclosure: I’m a snob. A HUGE snob. When it comes to writing (and poetry in particular), I chafe quickly and easily when bad verse is foisted onto an unsuspecting reader—especially when that reader is me. The proliferation across the Internet of exploitive sites that prey on the earnest honesty of new […]

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Charleston. Seriously??

by Ron Hayes Today I’m supposed to tell you all about the poetry I’m reading and recommend to you what I think you would enjoy reading this summer. But I’m not going to do that. Not today. Today I only want you to read three things: One Two Three and then call this number: 803.734.2100. Ask for Nikki. […]

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Challenge Accepted! (Update)

by Ron Hayes Well. Welcome Spring! While I can’t know what it’s been like for you where you live, I can tell you that in my neck of the woods, we are only just now beginning to emerge from the frigid darkness of winter. Amazing what a simple quarter of the year can bring. If […]

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National Poetry Month and Jake Arnold

Two Poets Left!! Our celebration of National Poetry Month at slowly winds down with our penultimate poet, Jake Arnold of Denton, Texas. As a reminder, 5Writers is celebrating National Poetry Month by offering one poem for each day of the month from ten different poets. Each poet has graciously shared with us three poems each: […]

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