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Sharing What You Read by Brad Windhauser

Sharing What You Read by Brad Windhauser Sage advice: Writers Need to Read—And Read Often I’ve blogged about the importance reading has in the role of developing a writer’s understanding and appreciation of the craft. But what you do with this experience should not be restricted to the work you produce: given the wealth of […]

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To Read is to Live

To bring awareness to the importance of reading and writing, Grammarly, an online automated proofreading service, has initiated their Promote Literacy Program. Bloggers, like us at 5Writers, are partnering with them to bring attention to their efforts, and by sharing this post with you, Grammarly will donate to a literacy charity. For more information about […]

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Mining The Past to Gild The Present: How I Got Here

by Ron Hayes We are all, every one of us, the sum of our parts. Each of us carries around with us the bits and pieces of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen and the people we’ve known. For those of us who write, we have that most magical of gifts in […]

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