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Using Pinterest As a Research Tool

  by Jennie Jarvis As a fiction writer, most of my job entails making crap up. Yes, my stories are based in realities, and it’s important for those realties to ring true in the hearts and minds of my readers. Sometimes, this means doing a little traditional research. Lately, I’ve been spending hours watching videos […]

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2016 is The Year of Positive Energy

by Jennie Jarvis Happy New Year to all our regular readers! Each year, we love to start the year by telling you our goals in the hopes that it will show you that you aren’t alone in your writing goals and to hopefully inspire you to set your own goals as well. If you are […]

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Furthering the Craft: Applied Learning by Emilia Fuentes Grant

5writers once again welcomes the return of Emilia Fuentes Grant as a guest blogger for this month! Further the Craft: Applied Learning by Emilia Fuentes Grant It’s an interesting thing, to hold the title of “master” in a field of practice. I’m a Master of the Fine Arts in Creative Writing, specifically Fiction, and the […]

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Dialogue: Making My Kryptonite Snappy

By Jennie Jarvis All humans have a weakness. Writers, it seems, have more weaknesses than the rest. Those various colors of kryptonite that can bind us up, take away our powers and make us feel like complete frauds. For me, my biggest writing weakness is dialogue. Being a screenwriter, this may seem like a pretty […]

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