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The Importance of Setting in Fiction by Brad Windhauser

The Importance of Setting in Fiction By Brad Windhauser Your story opens in scene. A woman is berating her lover, unleashing on him a series of whispered but stern barbs about his neglect before moving on to his emotional and then sexual shortcomings.  At the moment, the setting isn’t contributing, it hasn’t even been mentioned.  […]

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Put your Characters in their Place

by Darlene Cah Let’s take a tour of my living room in this moment. Yes, you should be afraid! The walls are a dark-ish green with a lighter green accent wall along the entryway. The floors are hardwood in a medium-light honey color. There’s a gas fireplace with a brick façade wedged into one corner. […]

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The Hub City Writing in Place Experience

by Darlene Cah When I moved south eight years ago, my friend and fellow writer, Nancy Pemberton told me I had to go to the Hub City Writers’ Workshop for a weekend of writing, classes, readings and eating. Yes, I admit the eating part held equal appeal to the writing part! So I signed up, […]

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