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New Year. New Stories. New Ideas.

By Darlene Cah   When I started thinking about this annual goal-setting post, my first thoughts went to the short story (possible novella) I want to finish, the short story I’m working on whenever I get a chance, the few other stories that have potential if I could just get around to revising them, and […]

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The Year That Was: 2013 Was a Productive, Hectic Year. — Brad Windhauser

The Year That Was: 2013 Was a Productive, Hectic Year. by Brad Windhauser When I was in high school, I ran cross country.  I wasn’t very good, in part because I lacked the slender frame that tends to lend itself to distance running success.  I also didn’t apply myself all that well—or at least I […]

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What’s your Excuse?

by Darlene Cah Being a creative type, I’m never at a loss for excuses. I can sit at my computer, ready to write, and suddenly, I’ll remember the cats need their nails trimmed. That’s the kind of year I had, though, some of my excuses were legitimate and considerably less entertaining than weeding my driveway. […]

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