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Don’t You Lie To Me! By Michael Tabb, WGA is pleased to welcome guest blogger Michael Tabb, WGA. WGA writer Michael Tabb has written for Universal Studios, Disney Feature Animation, comic book icon Stan Lee, and industry players including: Lawrence Bender, Sean Daniel, Paul Schiff, Mark Canton, Mike Newell, Thor Freudenthal and Dustin Hoffman while speaking at schools and panels across the nation. […]

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The Secret to Writing Fantasy: Reality

by Jennie Jarvis In both my screenwriting and my novel writing, a lot of my work has been in the fantasy genre. I’ve created worlds where leprechauns play tricksters, where yokai run shops, and where a person can die by turning into a robot. Each of these stories have won awards and gained interest from […]

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A Month of Truth: What Role Does Truth Play in Writing? By Brad Windhauser

A Month of Truth: What Role Does Truth Play in Writing? By Brad Windhauser The truth is relative. This is either a quote I picked up somewhere or it represents the spirit of something I read. For the longest time, I didn’t quite grasp how or why this was true: facts are facts, right? This […]

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