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My Year of Nothing

Jerry Seinfeld is famous for his “show about nothing,” which some would argue is actually about everything, a group of friends experiencing the absurdity and hilarity of everyday, mundane life. That’s something. I dreaded writing this post. I could have gotten out of it if I’d lied and claimed I was still swamped at work. […]

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Be Crafty about your Craft

By Darlene Cah One time, when I was working as a copywriter for a large publishing company in New York, my art director and I were looking at illustrators’ portfolios for a catalog we were producing. She had dozens of tear sheets from artist reps scattered all over her cube, on the desk, on the […]

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Writing a Good Story Means Creating a Lot of “Waste” in the Process

Writing a Good Story Means Creating a Lot of “Waste” in the Process by Brad Windhauser When I was a kid, I loved these wood dinosaur models.  I couldn’t wait to crack the box, pop all the bones out of the sheets of wood, and get to gluing.  I’d meticulously punch out all the necessary […]

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