Jennie Giving Workshop at Ascendio 2012

Five Writer’s contributor Jennie Jarvis will be conducting a workshop at Ascendio 2012.

Structuring the Character Arc Workshop

Film writers think that, just because they have their basic three-act plot structure in place, their screenplays are destined to succeed. The problem with many scripts, however, can often come in those places between the plot points. How can a writer ensure that his or her story is moving forward in every scene, regardless of what happens with the plot? The answer comes in the shape of the character arc. This craft seminar will give writers of all genres (not just screenwriters) a tangible guide for creating a goal-driven character that keeps the protagonist and the story moving forward, and thereby keeping any story from dragging its feet!

The conference runs from July 12-15th at the Loew’s Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Registration and additional information can be found at


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