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6 Ways to Strengthen Your Author Platform by Jennifer Worick

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Author Platform I was once interviewed by the arts editor for my town’s weekly. I talked about the various books I had published, the writing process, and my philosophy on promotion. I believe I said, “Writing the book is only half of my job as the author. Promoting it is […]

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Publication News: Darlene Cah’s “White Dog” in Referential Magazine

Yes, I usually write wacky stories with zippy dialogue, but in this one, I get in touch with my dark, miserable, hopeless side! What could possibly inspire such a sad tale? A neighbor’s dog ran out of the woods while I was cleaning a horse’s stall. That’s it! Who knows where your mind will take you when […]


Publication News for Brad Windhauser (News)

Brad’s new story, “Hope,” is now online at the Santa Fe Writers Project Journal. Inspired by his experience as a college professor, this story explores the damage well-intentioned parents inflict on their kids’ education when they helicopter (and beyond). Check it out: Also, his Bible Project Blog continues.  Recent posts discuss: The Book of […]

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Gatsby Not So Great — The Dangers of Adapting a Book to the Screen (Review of The Great Gatsby)

Gatsby Not So Great — The Dangers of Adapting a Book to the Screen (Review of The Great Gatsby) by Brad Windhauser I watch a little TV, and mostly I end up watching singing competitions like The Voice and The X Factor.  Like most people, I get sad pleasure out of watching contestant hopefuls butcher […]

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Surviving a Critique Group

As writers, we spend a lot of time alone in a room with our characters and possibly a cat or two. We become very close to our stories, and sometimes we lose objectivity. Is my protagonist three-dimensional? Is the plot believable? Does the story flow? Are the sentences constructed with clarity? What’s up with that […]

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The Writing Platform – Finding Your Niche by Dawn Frederick

Since we are discussing the writer’s community this month, we knew that we HAD to discuss the Writer’s Platform, a relatively new term with some serious buzz. To kick off our discussion on Writer Platforms, we are delighted to welcome guest blogger and agent extraordinaire Dawn Frederick! Dawn Frederick is the owner and literary agent […]

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The Way, Way Back: A Love Letter To Actors Everywhere (Review)

By Jennie Jarvis This evening, I had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of the film The Way, Way Back, which will open in theaters everywhere on July 5th. If you follow film news at all, then you probably know that this film was the biggest acquisition at the Sundance Film Festival and it […]

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It Takes a Village

In 1996, Hillary Clinton published It Takes a Village, a book that asserts that it takes a community to raise quality (i.e. smart, well-adjusted, achieving, etc.) children.  When you think about your own writing, it helps to think of your work as children, little beings who need a community of support to turn out well.  […]

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Finding Your Community of Writers

People in the arts, in general, are drawn to each other. We’re odd. We see the world from a different perspective. We’re observers. We’re sponges. And we need each other. But what is this sense of community and how do you find it? The Writer’s Social Life One aspect of community is simply being around […]

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Why Everyone Needs A Volleyball

“WILSON!” That one word sums up our human need for community. When Tom Hanks lost Wilson in Castaway, his grief was palpable.  It wrenched the souls of millions of people.  In fact, I just watched the clip again in the middle of McAllister’s Deli and almost started crying at his pain. And Wilson was a […]

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