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Writing For Young Audiences

by Jennie Jarvis Last month, I had the privilege of moderating a panel at the Florida Writers Conference on writing for young audiences. Speaking on the panel were the following dynamic writers: New York Times Bestselling Author Beth Revis, Comic Book writer/editor, Graphic Novelist and YA Author Roland Mann, award winning children’s book author and screenwriter […]

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Hats Off: Ten Things To Consider When Writing Your Acknowledgements

by Jennie Jarvis As Brad stated in his great post last week, this month we here at 5 Writers are getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving and talking about paying tribute in our work. For me, this topic feels very timely since it was only a few short months ago when I turned into my editor the Acknowledgements for […]


Voice Lessons

To those of you who have ever spent time in a high school English class, I’ll lay odds that you can recognize, “Once upon a midnight dreary,” or “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.” Yes, Poe and Frost, two of America’s most anthologized and over-exemplified poets, are easily recognizable by anyone with even a […]

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It’s Not the Words You Use But How You Use Them

It’s Not the Words You Use But How You Use Them by Brad Windhauser I discovered Miles Davis when I took “The History of Rock and Roll” my freshman year (and only semester) at Cal State Northridge.  We were studying the roots of rock and my professor played us Bitches Brew.  He talked us through […]

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Who are you?

Let’s say you’re a diverse writer. You have sci-fi novel in the works, a dark, literary short story ready to send out and the first draft of a humorous novella awaiting revision. Oh! And don’t forget the stack of flash stories you sent out just this morning. Okay, you’re incredibly prolific, too, not to mention […]

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Reading the Signature

It was the final exam for a graduate level philosophy course.  My friend Robert had read and studied the work of major philosophers all semester.  He had a solid A going into the final.  The paper slid in front of him, and he started to read.  It was a list of statements, and he was […]

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The Importance of Branding

By Jennie Jarvis   “I’m getting discouraged,” I finally broke down and confessed to my agent. It had been three months since we started submitting my first novel to publishing houses, and even though she told me that the publishing industry crawls at a glacier-like pace, I hated that I hadn’t heard back from many […]

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