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Oddly Optimistic

By Darlene Cah I think most people would agree 2016 was a crazy year. Heartbreaking. Frustrating. Infuriating, mind-numbing with emotions ranging from flaring tempers to blissful denial. And yet, in spite of it all, and an uncertain start to 2017, I’m optimistic. Call me delusional, but yes, I’m optimistic. And I’m determined to remain so. […]

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Goals for 2017 by Brad Windhauser

Goals for 2017 by Brad Windhauser 2016 turned out to be a surprise of a year for me. Personal and political issues aside, I was unprepared for the wonderful surprise of having my second novel accepted and published. Promoting The Intersection upon its release was both challenging and fun. This year I plan to continue […]

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