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Unamused by the Muse

by Darlene Cah WRITER sits at a computer typing in a cluttered office. A single desk lamp illuminates the mess of books, papers, dirty dinner dishes, soda cans, etc. VOICE Hey! How about that story about the woman and the Flamenco guitar player?  (Writer shifts weight)  VOICE I think it has legs. (Writer hits keys […]

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Special Edition: Building A Better Conference Proposal

By Jennie Jarvis This year marks my first year as the Faculty Chairperson for the Florida Writer’s Association Annual Conference. This means I get the honor and responsibility of selecting the formal programming and faculty for FWA’s largest event of the year. In 2014, the conference will take place Thursday October 23rd – Sunday, October […]

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Knowing When to Start a New Project: The Agent’s Perspective by Jennie Goloboy

As you have probably already guessed, this month at, we focused on the theme “Knowing When To Start A New Project.” We all had our ideas on this topic, but one thing we couldn’t answer is this: What advice does an agent have on this topic? To answer the question, we turned to “the […]

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Let’s Get Started

by Linda Escalera Price   When is it time to start a new project?  Right now.  No matter what else you have going on. “Make sure you have another play ready to go.”  Fellow playwright Faye Sholiton offered me this advice early in my career.  I’m pretty sure it was between bites at lunch during […]

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Committing to a New Project

By Jennie Jarvis I don’t know about anyone else, but when I finished a major writing project – whether it be a screenplay or a novel – I fall into a deep depression. Unlike Brad, who wrote earlier this month about having multiple projects going, I can’t do that. I’m a one project at a […]

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A-Listers and B-Sides: When to Abandon Your Poems

by Ron Hayes The late French poet Paul Valery (1871-1945) is credited with having said, “A poem is never finished, only abandoned,” which, in my experience, is about as profound a concept as I can find. I think it’s true, art—and writing in particular—is often abandoned rather than completed, and regardless of whether it was […]

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The Benefits of Having Multiple Projects Simmering and Knowing When to Start a New One by Brad Windhauser

The Benefits of Having Multiple Projects Simmering and Knowing When to Start a New One by Brad Windhauser Although I often multitask, I used to force myself to devote my energy to one project at a time.  When I would finish one thing, then I’d move on to another. I thought this was how you […]

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