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What’s your Excuse?

by Darlene Cah Being a creative type, I’m never at a loss for excuses. I can sit at my computer, ready to write, and suddenly, I’ll remember the cats need their nails trimmed. That’s the kind of year I had, though, some of my excuses were legitimate and considerably less entertaining than weeding my driveway. […]

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Expect to Succeed

By Jennie Jarvis Throughout my life, I always snubbed my nose at the idea of creating New Year’s resolutions. I felt like that was something that only occurred in the movies and that anyone with enough ambition could easily accomplish all of their dreams without resorting to something as simplistic as writing down their goals […]



When You Don’t Meet Your Goals, Rationalize

At 16, I set a goal.  I wanted to be an All State Swimmer.  I was the South Carolina state champion in the 100 and 200 yd breaststroke.  You’d think that would be enough to qualify, right?  No!  To be an All State Swimmer you had to post a time within 10% of the state […]

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Embrace Your Inner Virgo

Embrace Your Inner Virgo by Brad Windhauser I discovered the power of list making early on. Sometime around Thanksgiving every year, my brother and I would sit down at the kitchen table to knock out our Christmas lists.  Our parents and Santa received the same list, and since we usually did pretty well on Christmas […]

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Let’s assume the Mayans got it wrong and we will see the dawn of a new year. That’s right, no excuses for not looking ahead. It’s time to assess the past year, see what we’ve accomplished and set some goals for the coming year. I feel you cringing already. Maybe because I’m cringing—and writhing! Yes, […]

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