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Getting Out Of Bed

by Linda Escalera Price   You haven’t seen me for a while.  In fact, my blogmates haven’t seen me for a while. There’s a good reason.  Which turned into a lousy reason.  And the lousy reason lead to a downright pathetic reason. If you recall – or if you go dig in the archives – […]



Half a Year, Whole New Experience: My Time at 5Writers So Far

by Ron Hayes As I write this, I’m sitting on a cheese bus with two dozen teenage girls, a fellow assistant coach, a chatty middle-aged bus driver, and a handful of teenage boys who, as football players of mine, want to “help out” with things like videotaping, filling water bottles, and being close to their […]

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Climbing the Mountain

By Jennie Jarvis When I first started entertaining the idea of becoming a published novelist, I saw the path ahead of me as realistically as I could imagine. The first thing in front of me was a large mountain – writing the novel. I knew that there would be other challenges ahead but surmounting that […]

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The Year That Was: 2013 Was a Productive, Hectic Year. — Brad Windhauser

The Year That Was: 2013 Was a Productive, Hectic Year. by Brad Windhauser When I was in high school, I ran cross country.  I wasn’t very good, in part because I lacked the slender frame that tends to lend itself to distance running success.  I also didn’t apply myself all that well—or at least I […]

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